Tara Wallace, a radiant mompreneur from the heart of Jayess, Mississippi, embodies the spirit of uplifting women across diverse paths. Armed with a Dramatic Arts degree from Jackson State University and a master's from The New School, Tara pursued her acting dream, leaving an indelible mark on and off the big screen.

While Love & Hip Hop catapulted Tara into the limelight, her true passion lies in empowering women navigating trauma from failed relationships. A co-author of "The Goddess Potential: A Guide to Developing a Relationship With Your Inner Self," Tara extends a guiding light to those seeking self-empowerment.

Beyond the glitz of showbiz, Tara's commitment to philanthropy reflects her dedication to vulnerable communities. However, her most treasured role is being a mother to Jamison, Kaz, and Gunner Pankey—a wellspring of inspiration for her diverse talents. Tara Wallace isn't just a name; she's a living testament to resilience, encouraging others to embrace their limitless potential.



Dr. Jamila T. Davis is a respected motivational speaker, author, academic, and entrepreneur. She overcame adversity, becoming a self-made millionaire at 25. While serving a 12.5-year prison sentence for bank fraud, she created "The Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series" for incarcerated women. It was adopted by the Bureau of Prisons in January 2023.

During her incarceration, she earned multiple degrees, including a Ph.D. in life coaching. She holds positions at Seton Hall University and Yale School of Public Health.

Since her release in 2017, Dr. Davis has been featured in media, founded educational initiatives, and organizations like Black Women's Lives Matter. She is also a bestselling author and CEO of Pink Passion Apparel, generating over a million dollars in sales to support her community work.

Her motto is "No matter how far you've fallen in life, it's never too late to recapture your dreams!" She continues to inspire and empower others through her work.